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Statementon cyber attack at CITYCOMP Service GmbH

CITYCOMP Service GmbH has successfully fended off a hacker attack and does not yield to blackmail. The repercussion is the publication of the stolen customer data.

CITYCOMP Service GmbH was the victim of a targeted cyberattack in early April 2019. A still unknown perpetrator has stolen customer data of CITYCOMP and threatened the company with publication, should it not comply with the blackmail attempt. CITYCOMP with the help and support of external experts and the State Criminal Police Office of Baden-Württemberg successfully fended off the attack and implemented supplementary security measures of all systems. The incident analysis of Deutor Cyber Security Solutions GmbH, G DATA Advanced Analytics GmbH and the Federal State Police Baden-Württemberg showed that at no point any indication for a risk of further infection of customer and partner systems, but for security reasons some of the systems have nevertheless been disconnected.

Since CITYCOMP does not comply with blackmail the publication of customer data could not be prevented. The stolen data has now been published by the perpetrators and CITYCOMP’s customers were informed about it. In cooperation with the State Office for Criminal Investigation Baden-Württemberg suitable measures for prosecution were initiated. At an early stage CITYCOMP was transparent and informed the relevant data protection authorities and customers about the cyberattack and data theft. Full transparency was in place right from the start.

As a trustworthy and professional service provider, CITYCOMP does not comply with blackmail and works with law enforcement whenever a crime has been committed. Due to this cyber-attack CITYCOMP has implemented further technical and organizational measures to increase its security in order that such an attack will not occur again in the future.

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