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Clients Citycomp Service GmbH

System houses Your cost-effective alternative to manufacturer-maintenance

We work with many leading IT system houses as a service partner to diversify their portfolio of services. The advantages really stand out:

  • An enhanced competitive edge through a cost-effective alternative to manufacturer-maintenance
  • Greater customer satisfaction through first-class service
  • A flexible add-on to your own servicing-resources
  • Project- or buyer-protection
  • Fair and enduring partnerships with a high level of mutual trust


Lay the foundations for higher turnover and greater customer satisfaction: make an appointment to discuss your ideas with us. You are also welcome to visit us personally at our headquarters in Ostfildern near Stuttgart and check out our capabilities for yourself.

In addition to procuring full-service extended guarantees and maintenance contracts, a system house can also flexibly supplement its own servicing-resources. For example, through:

  • Call Dispatching at night-time and weekends (it's not cost-effective for every system house to staff its call centre around the clock)
  • Extending the skills available and the geographical reach of the Field Service (we offer, throughout Germany, a 2- to 3-hour lead time to have specialists on site for a wide range of technologies)
  • 7x24 Engineer standby-service
  • Spare Parts Logistics (15 main stock locations and 30 logistical bases) with extended services: functionality-guarantee, data erasure, RMA (return merchandise authorization) processes.