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Remote Systems ManagementMade-to-measure out-tasking

The Remote Service Centre at our headquarters in Ostfildern near Stuttgart is staffed around the clock. The growing trend towards globalization means that central IT systems must deliver peak performance all the time, not just during German business hours. So, 7x24 monitoring of your IT infrastructure, and swift, effective action when a warning is flashed up, are more important than ever.

Frequently, assigning your own staff to this task would be uneconomical or impractical - perhaps for reasons to do with the Employees' Council. We plug the gap for you with modern, well-designed solutions and services.

Remote Systems Management case study

The case study just here illustrates the kind of service we provide, in this case in the operating/helpdesk context.
Client: A well-known pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Remote Systems Management case study Operating / Helpdesk case study



Through Remote Systems Management we can provide multiple services:

Advantages of our Remote Systems Management service:

  • Hardware monitoring (systems which send messages, maybe before downtime actually occurs)
  • Operating-system monitoring and management
  • Application monitoring and management
  • Security monitoring
  • Coordination of on-site measures
  • 7x24 Hotline
  • Cover for staff absence - holidays, illness