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The Enterprise Citycomp Service GmbH

PhilosophyThe Citycomp spirit

The secret of success often lies in a company's philosophy: how it interacts with its clients, suppliers and partners; and, just as importantly, how it treats its workforce, so as to enable each member to give of their best every day for the client's sake.

Reliability you can count on
Everyone who is involved with us can rely on us to deliver on our promises. While we are 95% successful at meeting our service-level targets, we aspire to reach just under 100%. We do effectively keep all necessary spare parts in stock, and we have multiple full systems within easy reach which we use to train engineers on and to be able to swap out an entire unit of defective hardware in emergencies. Moreover, we want always to be a reliable and trustworthy employer, partner and customer to our suppliers.

Working in partnership and fairly 
For us, working in partnership means, rather than looking out for ourselves, having a relationship with others whereby we each get something out of it. As a service provider we recognize the importance of teamwork and of communicating effectively with others. We do our best to cultivate these "soft skills" amongst our workforce. Our philosophy is first to help, and only afterwards to ask ourselves what's in it for us. We believe that fair treatment is the way to build enduring relationships with our clients and partners.

Delivering real benefits and added value
In order to emerge as the service provider of choice, we must be prepared to go the extra mile and deliver outstanding quality. This thinking has served us well for many years. It explains the success of our Multi-Vendor Maintenance Concept, which exerts downwards pressure on the price of maintenance services within the marketplace, thereby discouraging price-hikes by IT manufacturers. Our clients have in us a realistic alternative to manufacturer-maintenance that offers outstanding value for money.

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Learn more about our philosophy and the feedback received from clients. Invite us to talk with you one-on-one. It's the best way to experience the "Citycomp spirit".