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Smart Hand & Eye Support Helping Hands

Helping Hands - Hand & Eye Support

The multiple activities going on within your IT infrastructure call for flexible, experienced helpers to support your hardware-related projects. Our Helping Hands service can send versatile helpers to work with your own in-house support staff on an astonishing variety of tasks according to need.


Smart Hand and Eye Support is the "outreach unit" of your various support centres – both those close to base and those farther afield. In cases where you cannot carry out your scheduled procedures remotely, you'll need a knowledgeable helper at the site concerned to implement them in liaison with your base.

When you open a Call with us we send our engineers to the site where the faulty component is to carry out your instructions – generally aiming to restore remote access to the component, then leaving once this has been achieved, and finishing the job by working on the software remotely.

Helping Hands - Hand & Eye Support

Examples of the kind of task that we undertake:

    • • Reading error codes flashed up on the device
    • • Swapping out hardware
    • • Tracing faults using diagnostic devices and software
    • • Uploading configuration files
    • • Configuring parameters as per instructions
    • • Upgrading components
    • • Working on cabling
    • • Assisting the support staff of other service-providers


    Should you wish to set up service-levels for the Helping Hands service and/or to be able to use it outside business hours, we'll prepare for you a standby-service agreement that defines the territory covered, the times available and the skills required. You'll then be billed a set price per Call plus a monthly standby-charge.