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Manpower Services Manpower for any contingency

Many IT services involve deploying manpower – IT multi-taskers and specialists with the know-how to take on various assignments within your IT infrastructure.

We can co-operate with you through the following configurations:

IMAC Service

Our IT multi-taskers and specialists can help you on a wide range of projects and in a variety of operational situations.

Typical applications are:

  • Staging: Take delivery of new items (on pallets) and prepare them for rollout
  • Rollouts: Convey a large number of IT systems to the rollout site and hand them over in a service-ready state
  • IMAC / R/D: Fulfil everyday requests (service requests) from users: Install, Move, Add, Change, Repair, Dispose
  • IT Relocations: Transfer IT systems safely, usually to a tight deadline, from A to B and get them service-ready in the new location
  • Helping Hands: Occasionally you need people to come on site and lend a hand with jobs that crop up
  • Smart Hand and Eye Support: In cases where you cannot carry out your scheduled procedures remotely, you'll need a knowledgeable helper at the site concerned to implement them in liaison with your base