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The Enterprise Citycomp Service GmbH

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Citycomp Service GmbH was started up 1988 as a third-party maintainer (TPM) for IBM mainframes.

Over the years the service expanded to take in all mainstream IT systems, and the portfolio grew organically to include not only hardware maintenance per se but also infrastructural, office and retail IT services.

At present we project-manage major rollouts, and place experienced engineers at our clients' sites to provide the necessary backup in data centres and in networking and office environments. We also undertake projects such as data erasure, IT relocations, and staging-services, which we plan flexibly to accommodate our clients' wishes, and manage as project-leaders.

As such, today Citycomp is a full service provider in the IT-hardware domain, whereby our support for midrange and high-end servers also includes their respective operating systems. Independent of any manufacturer and spanning the full range of mainstream manufacturers' products, we offer a multi-vendor service worthy of the name!

Our Multi-Vendor Services

Our client base includes businesses and public bodies of all sizes and within every sector. Whether banks, insurance companies, management consultants, or firms in the production, trading or services sector – what all our clients have in common is a need for a 100% reliable services-partner, since they depend on their IT systems being fail-safe.

Many of our services are delivered indirectly through decentralized production units or through subcontractors of IT manufacturers and system houses or outsourcing-partners. Manufacturers use us to reliably fulfil their product warranty and maintenance obligations. System houses offer us as part of their services-portfolio, thereby gaining a competitive edge and the ability to provide their clients with all-round care. These days outsourcing-contractors face fierce competition, which they can ease a little with the help of our cost-saving multi-vendor service.

We are an owner-managed, lean and flexible SME which works side by side with the client and responds rapidly to requests through a streamlined decision-making process.

We are in a position to dispatch an engineer to anywhere in mainland Germany in the space of 2 hours. Add to this our sophisticated spare-parts logistics, and the result is a service level with 4-hour recovery times nationwide.

By offering excellent value for money, we maintain our clients' systems in the desired state of readiness while achieving exceptionally high levels of client satisfaction.
As a client-centred, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified company, we are being entrusted with an ever-growing number of systems of every type and size.

This achievement is reflected in our turnover, which has grown steadily in the last few years, often by a double-digit percentage.

We will gladly arrange to give you one-to-one advice, and then prepare a custom-made service package for your consideration. Contact.