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Smarter Printing ServiceFull-Service Concepts in the printing environment

Multi-Vendor Maintenance Service, Consumables-optimization und Managed Print Services:

Smarter Printing Service - Multi-Vendor Maintenance Service, Consumables-optimization und Managed Print Services

In the printing environment too we offer flexible and individually-designed service concepts, based on your existing printer-infrastructure or in connection with the introduction of modern full-service concepts. Through our Multi-Vendor Maintenance Service you lower the operating costs of your printers - whether you transfer to us the management of consumables only, or your entire printer-infrastructure.



Our steps towards Smarter Printing:

Multi-Vendor Maintenance Service

  • For all mainstream printer models, across the full range of manufacturers, we offer a uniform maintenance contract which frees you from the following questions:

  •   • Am I getting the best value for money?
  •   • How do I coordinate different service providers and contract renewal dates?

  • When do I need to cancel so that I don't pay maintenance charges for machines that are no longer in use?

  • Consumables-optimization

We offer to analyze your consumables and optimize their cost. When we work with alternative toners, you receive a guarantee of compatibility with the systems in which they are used and of the quality of image-definition produced. Thereby you can save a lot of money without any downside.

  • Managed Print Services

Do you just want to decide what you want to print and how many copies, and leave the rest to printer specialists? Our Managed Print Service features the following Service-Modules:

  •   • Safeguarding the operational status of your printers (including preventive maintenance)
  •   • Keeping the units supplied with consumables (toner / maintenance kits), including through remote monitoring of consumption

  • Billing based on consumption