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The Enterprise Citycomp Service GmbH

The Teamtruly dedicated IT service

As an experienced IT service provider we realize it's not enough that a job gets done: how it gets done matters just as much. So, our team members' basic and ongoing training embraces not only professional but also social skills.

The result? Highly functional relationships with clients spanning many years; and a team of capable, flexible individuals with effective communication skills who work out solutions with you and put them into effect.

We are very proud of our stable and growing powerhouse of individuals knowledgeable about virtually all manufacturers and models. Regular ongoing training, manufacturers' training courses and our in-house computer testing facility ensure that we stay on the leading edge of our profession.

Your Service Team

We have clearly-defined roles and areas of responsibility, whereby you always know who to turn to for advice:

The Citycomp Service Team

Service Accounts Manager (SAM):
They usually work in a location near you, can explain to you in detail what we are capable of and whether there are any constraints, and will put together a service level agreement in consultation with you.

Technical Accounts Manager (TAM):
For complex servicing a technically qualified member of staff needs to keep abreast of the situation, coordinate the process with you and make continuous adjustments, as well as ensuring that high-priority calls are handled smoothly.

Call Dispatching:
Our call dispatching agents are contactable around the clock by all the communication methods agreed with you (telephone, email, fax, web interface) and will take details of incidents from you in German or English. They are trained to sort the details of the incident into the correct sequence and immediately allocate the correct resources to you (HW and SW engineers, partners, logistical operations).

Call-Tracking System:
Do you wish to communicate with us electronically and follow the status of your incident report online? Let us suggest to you the best technical set-up for this.

Dedicated Engineering Team:
We make quite sure that our engineers are based within easy reach of your places of work, are knowledgeable about your IT environment and have familiarized themselves with your processes. Especially in the case of critical IT-environments, we assign a team member to you as your regular engineer, who may be substituted by a colleague when urgent troubleshooting is required.