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Software Support specification of services - Summary

Operating-system support for midrange & high-end systems, IBM, HP, Oracle (Sun)

Citycomp Service offers 24x7, 365 days/year support for operating systems such as Unix Derivate, for the manufacturers IBM, HP & Oracle (Sun).

Our operating system specialists will record all customer questions and error messages, process them together with the customer's employees, request the existing error logs, analyse the causes of errors and give problemsolving recommendations, such as installing enhanced software patches or application updates.

As with manufacturer maintenance, those patches and updates that are available free can be requested through the hotline and, if required, installed on site for the customer, subject to a charge.

For systems with a frozen operating system version that will no longer be changed, no software license agreement with the manufacturer is required. All questions and support requests related to existing and already installed operating systems can be directed to Citycomp Service and will be answered, handled and processed by its hotline specialists..

Unlike the manufacturer's hotline, Citycomp Service offers cross-vendor solutions such as problems of Sun servers in conjunction with an IBM Storage System or problems of IBM Servers in conjunction with an EMC Storage System. This is the great advantage of Multi-Vendor Service concepts.

We will gladly arrange to give you one-to-one advice, and then prepare a custom-made service package for your consideration. Contact.