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Rollouts & IMAC Manpower for any contingency

At our staging centres – in Ostfildern near Stuttgart (Germany) and decentrally in our main stock locations – or on premises provided by the client, we undertake all activities related to taking delivery of IT systems and planning for a rollout:

  •   • Delivery-taking and quality-checking
  •   • Fully setting up and testing your systems
  •   • Storing in readiness for use, clearing away and disposing of packaging materials
  •   • Installing and pre-configuring operating systems and client-applications
  •   • Testing applications and delivering on schedule to the rollout sites

Rollouts denote replacing obsolescent hardware throughout the organization with new high-performance computers, printers, monitors and other devices. Our professionals have the technical and organizational skills and know-how to be able to project-manage the rollout operation.

Our rollout service includes the following:

  •   • Planning and project-management
  •   • Staffing rollout
  •   • Logistics (buffer storage facilities, uniform logistical concept worldwide)
  •   • Phasing, scheduling and coordination
  •   • Support for end-users
  •   • Briefing and key-skills training
  •   • Documentation (reporting, inventorization)
  •   • Configurations, BIOS updates
  •   • Backing up and restoring data
  •   • Certified data erasure
  •   • Installing operating systems and user-customized application software
  •   • Functionality testing
  •   • Disposing of packaging materials
  •   • Recycling / disposal of systems

Our experience with European and worldwide rollouts is what makes us the partner of choice for multinational concerns and support organizations.

IMAC / R/D (remove, dispose) operations are generally undertaken in response to service requests from end-users which need to be fulfilled by an engineer on site, normally at the user's workstation.

We offer these services either as part of a planned operation or by basing an engineer at the site. In the case of planned operations, the submitted service requests are saved up until a certain day when the engineer will come on site to work through them. Similarly, the client can obtain service-levels such as "by next business day" or "over next business day" without having to pay a full-time salary.