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IT Relocations Data-centre Relocations

Safe, professional data-processing relocations

An IT relocation doesn't just pose logistical challenges for companies. In order to successfully complete the move within a brief window of time, it is necessary to call in an experienced service-provider with the required human resources.

IT Relocations - safe data-processing relocations - data-centre relocations

From planning the operation to dismantling the IT equipment, packing it and transferring it the new location, then setting it in place and connecting it up, we offer an experienced and capable relocation service carried out by a single provider. Relocating IT equipment is a delicate operation which calls for careful handling of fragile components at all times. We know how best to transfer your data centre or network to its new location so that it arrives in perfect order and is up and running again on time.


IT Relocations - safe data-processing relocations - data-centre relocations

We have over 25 years' experience in the data-processing and networking field, which helps make the whole relocation operation go really smoothly. After transferring your IT systems, we re-install them professionally with all the correct connections. Finally there is a smooth handover to your own in-house engineers.