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Certified data erasureFor the permanent wiping of data media

When it is necessary to dispose of a disused storage medium holding sensitive data, it is not enough just to delete it. Citycomp Service offers you individually certified data erasure concepts in line with your in-house privacy policy.

We set out below the procedures that we use to wipe your data-media and how we dispose of your disused storage media and retired systems.

  • Demagnetization at Citycomp

Should you require certified data erasure, an engineer will collect the data-medium from you and see that it arrives safely at our protected data erasure area in Ostfildern. Here the data-media are demagnetized using an NSM- and CESG-certified and BSI-recommended degausser from Ontrack. The degausser exposes the storage-medium to a very strong (18,000 gauss) magnetic field, thereby erasing all the contents completely and irreversibly. Following demagnetization, the data-medium is shredded. You receive a certificate for both the demagnetization and the mechanical destruction and disposal.

  •    On-site Blancco data erasure


 Certified data erasure. On-site data-sanitization using Blancco® software

If your company policy does not allow data-media to leave the building, we can also carry out certified data-sanitization on your premises. Data-media can be sanitized securely using Blancco software. The sanitization software surpasses all internationally-adopted standards and thereby guarantees the irrecoverable wiping of all data from the medium. With this method an engineer comes on site and wipes the retired device directly. You receive a certificate for this type of erasure too. Following data erasure you can either re-purpose your device, or sell it on, secure in the knowledge that your privacy policy is being observed.


  •   • Mechanical destruction and disposal


 Certified data erasure.  Data erasure through mechanical destruction and disposal

Following demagnetization, the storage-media are shredded in accordance with DIN 32757. The metal and PCB remains of the hard disk drive are disposed of in accordance with §52 of the Closed-Substance-Cycle Waste Management Act. You receive the corresponding certificate for this too.

Besides the destruction and disposal of your storage-media, we also offer you certified disposal of your retired devices..