Multi-Vendor Data Center Hardware Support - Third Party Maintenance - IT Services, Global Hardware Maintenance

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Multi-Vendor IT Services We support the device classes of almost all manufacturers

Multi-Vendor Data Center Hardware Support - Third Party Maintenance - IT Services, Global Hardware Maintenance

As a multi-vendor service provider, today we maintain over 70,000 servers and storage systems of every type and size in 75 countries. We also support over 1.5 million units of clients' hardware (PCs, workstations, printers, cash registers).

Our engineers are specialists in the field of servers and storage. We are also fully skilled in the networks and desktops field. Our engineers spent many years with different manufacturers servicing server and storage system hardware prior to joining CITYCOMP Service GmbH, and received first-class training.

We gradually won our clients' confidence through delivering proven quality and through being client-centred, and they responded by entrusting more and more of their systems to us. Many data-centre operators have appointed us as their strategic partner for safeguarding the operational status of their critical IT systems, and in on-site service situations our engineers deliver IMAC/D/R* and rollout services.

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    • IMAC/D/R = Install / Move / Add / Change / Disposal / Repair

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IT Services

Third Party Maintenance

You stand to gain the following from our multi-vendor service approach to IT maintenance and infrastructural services:

  • Lower costs
  • Flexibility to meet your needs
  • High SLA fulfilment
  • Fewer contractual partners
  • Global MVS "Made in Germany"

Support for almost all manufacturers' products:

HP support, IBM support, Oracle, Sun support, Fujitsu support, EMC support, Dell support, Brocade support, NetApp support

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Service coverage:
75 countries worldwide

Worldwide hardware service, multi-vendor service, software support

Our service-concept with worldwide coverage, to German standards. Delivering professional IT services that match your needs perfectly - individually tailored, cost-effective and client-friendly.

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Maintenance ≠ MAINTENANCE:
What we understand by this

Multi-vendor Service

We've proven ourselves through our skills, logistics, geographical coverage and international call dispatching, thereby earning ourselves a place in many large-scale IT environments as a trusted strategic partner for multi-vendor maintenance.

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Our stock locations:
For optimum availability

Citycomp Service spare parts centres, logistical sites

Our main stock locations are strategically positioned and accessible around the clock.
We have 45 logistical bases dotted over Europe with 5 million spare parts on hand, enabling a rapid local response to callouts.

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Our call dispatching:
Modern, international

Call dispatching

At our site in Ostfildern, near Stuttgart (German headquarters) we have our own call centre serving clients internationally. Our engineers are specialists not only in servers and storage systems but also in the desktops field.

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As a multi-vendor service provider we deliver reliable hardware breakfix services with worldwide coverage. CITYCOMP Service is part of the S&T Group, a tech leader focused on smart IoT solutions and professional IT services.

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