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FAQ'sfrequently-asked questions about Multi-Vendor Service

Is your service as good as the manufacturer's?
Our customers generally report a decidedly better service, even though they're making huge savings. As an SME with flat hierarchies, a motivated workforce and a streamlined decision-making process, we work side by side with our clients and can give you personal service.

Do I not have to tie myself in with the manufacturer to be able to obtain firmware (microcode), patches and labor?
Manufacturers often bundle hardware maintenance with entitlement to licence updates and an operating-system hotline. German competition law states that these must also be available to you on a stand-alone basis, so as not to discriminate against companies like ourselves. We give our clients detailed advice on this point and work out service-concepts that make the most of manufacturers' resources.

How well are you represented in our territory?
We are in a position to get an engineer to any site in mainland Germany in the space of 2 hours. Our service concept and our sophisticated spare-parts logistics enable us to offer 4-hour recovery times in many countries around the world.

How do you manage to get parts and whole systems on site more quickly than others can?
Through our sophisticated logistical system with decentralized stock locations and by stocking a comprehensive range of key parts.

Can you support us only in Germany or can you offer us a full package for multiple sites in different countries?
At present we have maintenance contracts in no fewer than 75 countries around the world. We've built up a global network of local service providers like Citycomp which is able to offer the same level of service in all the countries we cover.

What does "response time" mean - is my problem fixed within this?
We've created a new definition of "response time": we're on site within this, and often we've fixed the problem too. You can arrange this by taking out a recovery SLA (service-level agreement).

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