Multi-Vendor Data Center Hardware Support - Third Party Maintenance - IT Services, Global Hardware Maintenance

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Age-categoriesstate-of-the-art multi-vendor service (MVS)

We take charge of your IT systems from day one; from then on we are your single point of contact for everything service-related.

Often a manufacturer's guarantee is not enough. So we operate a two-tier system: we organize the guarantee handling with the manufacturer (lower tier) while providing higher-level services ourselves (upper tier).

When your IT-setup comes out of warranty we buffer you against steep rises in maintenance costs. And should the manufacturer announce EOSL (end of service life) for your devices at some point, this will not affect your ability to use them, since we can service them for as long as spare parts are available.

For some clients with very old systems which they wish to keep in service until a specific date, we store a comprehensive set of replacement parts.

CITYCOMP will deliver the Service from the first day and far beyond the End of Service!: