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Multi-Vendor Maintenance

Added valueThe strengths of Multi-Vendor Maintenance

Multi-Vendor Support Service - Multi-Vendor Maintenance - Global Multivendor Coverage - Hardware Support

Multi-vendor maintenance means that IT-systems by different manufacturers are covered by a maintenance contract with a single service-provider.

Many of our clients have switched to multi-vendor maintenance because it makes sense. They deal with the manufacturers to get the hardware delivered, then put us in charge of it from day one.


The advantages are overwhelming:

  • Cost savings of 30 to 50% compared with manufacturer-maintenance
  • Manufacturer-independent: Our service is 100% free from manufacturer-influence, therefore we can consistently deliver the ultimate in service
  • A troubleshooter when things go wrong: It's not up to you, it's up to us to find out which component of the data centre or network caused the fault
  • No blundering about in the dark: You can skip contacting individual manufacturers since they only really know about their own machines, so they can't go straight to the fault if it lies somewhere else
  • Flexible contract-packages, with durations and SLAs individually designed for your operating conditions