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Us, about us truly dedicated IT service

Citycomp Service was founded over 30 years ago as a TPM Service Provider for IBM Mainframes.
Today we are supporting around 70,000 servers and storage systems in 75 countries plus an additional 500,000 client systems.

◾Multi-Vendor Maintenance & Infrastructural Services for all mainstream IT-systemsENTERPRISE
Citycomp is a full service provider in the IT-hardware domain
Citycomp Service philosophy - Reliability you can count onPHILOSOPHY
The secret of success often lies in a company's philosophy
Development in turnover over the last 10 years (in millions of €) FACTS
Development in turnover over the last 10 years
Company history: 1988-today Citycomp ServiceHISTORY
Turning-points in our company history: 1988 - today
Team Citycomp ServiceTHE TEAM
We have clearly-defined roles and areas of responsibility
Careers with Citycomp ServiceCAREERS WITH US
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